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Our company has equipment for a number of process systems for the treatment of water and wastewater, utilising various technologies including:

  • Ion exchange process.
  • Reverse Osmosis filtration.
  • Food And Beverage Activated carbon filtration.
  • Water softening.
  • Ultrafiltration.
  • Microfiltration.
  • Chemical oxidation and dosing.
  • UV disinfection.
  • Clarification/sedimentation.
  • Chemical dosing applications.
  • Hardness monitors.
  • Waste water systems.
  • pH correction systems.

Equipment of packaged plants are available at our head office factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, where we also host laboratory and pilot test facilities.

Design and manufacture of electrical control panels incorporating the use of PLC technology is provided by Controlled Dosing cc and our electrical department is highly experienced in all forms of process control, logic and computer programming.

Extent of Capabilities


Controlled Dosing can provide equipment for various water and wastewater treatment facilities for the food and beverage together with the municipal and other industrial applications.

We are also capable of providing professional engineering and environmental consulting services in a wide range of areas. A list of these capabilities follows:

  • Project Management – from simple to complex projects including performance based Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Contract Management.
  • Chemical dosing equipment installations.
  • Liquid conveyor dosing systems.
  • Water softener design and installation.
  • Food And beverage process water systems.
  • Boiler water dosing systems.
  • Cooling tower chemical dosing systems.
  • Backwash recovery systems.
  • Demineralisation plants.
  • Bulk chemical dosing applications.
  • Factory utilities water process.
  • Trade Waste Surveys.
  • General Environmental Audits.
  • Research and Development of Emerging Technologies.
  • Process, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Infrastructure Design.
  • Specification Preparation and Tender Assessment.
  • Operation and Maintenance Assessment and optimisation.
  • Legislative Compliance Interpretation and negotiations with regulators.
  • Preparation of Regulatory Applications.
  • Wastewater Strategic Planning.

These capabilities apply particularly, but not exclusively, to the fields of water supply, sewage and trade waste treatment, re-use of treated water and by products, liquid handling, odours, emissions and noise mitigation, occupational health and safety, and other environmental issues.

Water Treatment

Controlled Dosing can assist with the design and supply a range of water treatment equipment from pressure filters to ozone disinfection equipment to reverse osmosis & ultrafiltration. Controlled Dosing also designs facilities for the treatment of borehole water or water from rivers and streams which require colloidal particle removal and disinfection.

If purified water to a high standard is required then Controlled Dosing can supply either a nano-filtration or reverse osmosis equipment to ensure the cleanest water is available for any industrial or municipal application.

Controlled Dosing will assist with the design and engineer a water treatment system for your application which will be cost effective and efficient.

The implementation of water treatment chemicals for the food and beverage industry.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Experience in the supplying of chlorine and flocculent chemical dosing systems including, design, documentation and supervision of chemical dosing applications. The assistance complete package of civil, mechanical and electrical design can be offered, or alternatively Controlled Dosing cccan assist you in specification preparation (including the specialised area of performance based specification), tender assessment and project management of third parties.
The company also has experience in the area of plant assessment, thus enabling a performance audit to be carried out and provide detailed recommendations to enable plant upgrade and augmentation to be implemented with various objectives in mind such as:

  • Process enhancement.
  • Capacity upgrade.

Controlled Dosing realises that the maximum utilisation of existing facilities is the key to cost effective augmentations and upgrades. Whilst most engineers will provide a package ‘tack on’ facility solution, Controlled Dosing ccengineers will offer a range of solutions which are formulated around your unique combination of existing facilities and operating protocols.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Controlled Dosing specialises in assisting with the design and supply of systems for the treatment of numerous industrial wastewaters. Equipment which has been supplied in the past include chemical flocculation, clarification, dissolved air flotation, screening, biological treatment using both fixed and floating media, filtration and oxidation using ozonation and chlorination.

The reuse of treated effluent has been achieved by applying our experience in membrane separation, specifically ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. As the price of buying raw water and discharging untreated effluent rises, increasing opportunities for recycling industrial waste streams present themselves.

These opportunities are being converted into treatment plants by companies such as Controlled Dosing who can deliver the technologies required at realistic prices. Controlled Dosing will facilitate the provision of a treatment plant suitable for your specific requirements which will be cost effective and require minimal operator attendance allowing your organisation to continue with its core business and not require considerable time and money to be allocated to wastewater treatment.

Operation and Maintenance Assessments

Controlled Dosing provide an operation and maintenance optimisation service to industry through the experience of its engineers and technical officers who have commissioned, operated and maintained water and wastewater treatment plants.

We can assess the design capability of a plant and check this against a performance assessment by visual and instrument checks, as well as monitoring and collating available data. The results of our assessments are included in comprehensive reports, describing the plants capability, performance and the necessary steps to either tune the plant or modify it to produce effluent to meet the statuary standards or provide cost saving in disposal charges.

Operational process optimisation through reference to biochemical process kinetics can often yield capacity and performance improvements which minimise or even negate the need for further infrastructure investment.


With the need to make the most of scarce capital resources it has become necessary to place increased stress on facility operation, requiring a higher degree of operator knowledge and skills. Controlled Dosing have found that the provision of both initial and ongoing training for operators and staff of its clients has become an essential service and a viable alternative to infrastructure investment. The preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) has also become a more common requirement of informed clients; a requirement which Controlled Dosing is familiar with satisfying.

Project Management

Engineering complex projects with sensitivity and economy describes our approach to project management. Our project managers appreciate the need for compromise in the project development process by a multi-disciplined team and are capable of driving the project on a correct course having defined the constraints.

Our recommended project managers are familiar with Microsoft Project, project management software and supply reports to the client on a fortnightly basis to ensure the client has an understanding of current tasks underway.

The industry shift towards ‘Turnkey’ project management has been recognised by Controlled Dosing as an important factor in cost and risk minimisation. Controlled Dosing cc is familiar with the many different ‘Turnkey’ contract approaches including Design-Build-Operate (DBO), Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) and Operate-Build-Operate-Transfer (OBOT), and we are able to recommend suitable partners.


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